About Us

Welcome to Wagging Tailz, we are not just another pet product manufacturer.

Founded in 2015 the team saw an amazing opportunity to create and supply vibrant and high quality whelping products to cater for the lifecycle of both puppies and kittens.

As pet lovers and owners we knew that this opportunity could only be realised with help from our favourite four legged friends. All products that we create and design are tested to ensure that the highest level of quality is reached.

Wagging Taillz currently specialises in manufacturing the following products.

  • Wagging Tailz ID Bands Range (Available in Standard and Love Hearts)
  •  Wagging Tailz Tiny Totz Follow On Collars (Available in Standard and Love Hearts)
  •  Wagging Tailz Tiny Totz Leads  (to be released in Q2 2016)

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Read what our breeders have to say about the Wagging Tailz products

Trish Wyllie a reputable breeder of Lagotto Romagnolo’s

Having two litters within a week, the option to have plain ID band on one litter and patterned on the other, was the initial incentive to buy these lovely ID bands with a pretty love heart design. I did not expect that they would be so much softer than others I have used in the past, and that softness makes them so easy to fit, and lovely and comfortable on my Lagotto babies. Only a few days old now, but still looking great and so easy to distinguish between puppies for feeding and weight recording etc. Thank you Wagging Tailz, lovely product and I will buy these again for future litters.


Targaryen Siamese Cats (Albany, Western Australia)

We find them particularly useful when multiple litters are born around the same time. They are also good to identify the males and females and also help new owners to identify their kittens in group photos. They are extremely easy to use, they don’t stick to fur or other material and the colours are nice and bright.

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