Wagging Tailz Love Hearts Puppy ID Bands

We are pleased to introduce our latest Wagging Tailz ID Band design. The love heart pattern offers customers variability to our existing ID band products.

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Preparing for multiple litters? Why not mix and match both our standard range and love heart ID Bands range to allow for easy identification amongst puppies.

The Wagging Tailz Love Hearts Puppy ID Bands range has been designed with a new and improved Velcro material.  You can be rest assured our bands will not attach to other puppy collars or bedding, they are fully adjustable, no buckle or strings, easy wrap-around design, and require a great deal of strength to loosen or detach (even for the most mischievous puppies).

  • Suitable from Birth to 8 weeks
  • 12 Collars, 12 different colours in Love Hearts design
  • Self-Attaching and lightweight
  • Easy wrap-around design
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Won’t stick to other collars or bedding (if applied correctly)
  • Washable and Reusable

*** Also available for Kittens ***

Our ID bands come in a variety of sizes from whelping newborn pups to 8 week old pups.

 Each package comes with 12 assorted love heart coloured id bands.

20cm Length  x
1cm Width
Suitable for newborns (Small breeds) up to 4 weeks
– Toy breeds suitable from birth to 8 weeks
30 cm Length  x
1cm Width
Suitable for medium & smaller size breeds (4-8 weeks)
– Larger breeds this size is suitable from birth to 4 weeks
35 cm Length  x
1cm Width
Suitable for Larger Breeds (4-8 weeks)
40 cm Length  x
1cm Width
Suitable for Giant & Longer haired breeds (4-8 weeks)

** Love Hearts Range is also suitable for hairless breeds **